Volume II: Exodus.

The men in suits

Have shown no colour

Lest the grey and black hues of their attire

Perhaps, the suits are their armour,

And their monies?

The weapons.

And yet,

No matter how flimsy their armour,

No matter how unbiased their colour scheme

Theirs is the most potent weapon.


The sole dictator of life, regardless of our opinion, or our ambition.

A desire for some, stronger than love

For some they are one and the same

Indeed, ours is a love that surpasses valuation

Yet here we are.



Didn’t think we’d be in this position again, did we?

After Frank Nouble scored the only goal against Gillingham, in the match that was our homecoming following exile from Northampton, it seemed that the nightmare was over. We were back at our own ground, and ready to start getting things right.

Only, we haven’t.

For all that we are starting to accomplish on the pitch, our now well-publicised disarray behind the boardroom doors and beyond is a tumour on any potential success this club may yet have. I don’t want to divulge too densely into the politics and opinions, flag-bearing and finger pointing, that the subject of our ownership vs. the stadium ownership and it’s repercussions tend to bring up. This is simply because, in truth, we don’t have all the evidence to make a well-informed opinion. We can only take things at face value. Even those who claim or appear to have insider knowledge have theirs debunked or disputed by someone else who can apparently claim the same. Peel away the social media brouhaha, and the rumours and rants from those down the pub or at the games, and you’ll still find a bigger mess than a defence shepherded by Nathan Clarke and Jordan Turnbull. So it’s not for me to weigh in on. There are people out there with far better ways of summing it up, but ultimately, for each of you reading this, it will come down to who/what you believe (or at least, want to believe). I find the whole thing hard to talk about, and until it’s sorted out once and for all I doubt I’ll touch on the subject too much.

So here we are. It’s not Coventry, but it certainly isn’t Northampton.

St. Andrews

Not ideal, but considering the gun barrel we were staring down at the very end of last season, I’m eternally grateful that we can at least carry on this season, and thankful to Birmingham for helping out their brethren. Spare a moment to compare our summer preparations to those of the likes of our new League 1 opponents, Bolton, and Bury. Yes, our situation may be undesirable, yet it could be much, much worse.

Let’s move on, and look ahead to what could be a very promising season; no matter where we are geographically.

Onwards, and ever upwards.


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