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About the blog, and it’s author.

Biamou’s Bike is a labour of love, from what is left of the mind of Lee Bradbury, who describes himself as being ‘much funnier in writing’. Raised as a Manchester United fan by his father – who would travel from Bedworth by coach to Old Trafford back in the Red Devils’ murky 1970s era – Lee switched allegiances to his local side Coventry City at roughly the age of 12, and never looked back; even though he often could rely on a United win to soothe the pain of Coventry’s inevitable defeat on any given matchday.

Though usually reserved and quiet, Lee can become quite vociferous when it comes to what he’s passionate about. This usually means music (being a drummer seems to make him think he’s an elite music critic), football (hence the blog), and just about whatever he feels he can muster up enough energy to construct an argument over on the day.

This blog serves as an exercise in the author’s writing chops, and writing is something he has always enjoyed doing, provided he has something to write about. Of course, the exploits of Coventry City Football Club usually provides enough melancholy amusement to allow one to write a bible. Perhaps it could be titled “How to Occasionally Football”.

Currently, the blog’s main programming is ‘A Sky Blue View’, which features the author’s blogs; match reports and occasional opinion pieces, about Coventry City football club.